Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things about my African Life in Empangeni

25 - people standing on the side of the road every half mile or so waiting for their ride to work, a bus, or a "combi" which is equivalent to a VW Van packed full of 23 people. I kid you not. All dressed in work clothes, blue road worker uniform, or carrying a sack of potatos on their head.

24 - the number of bugs I have killed with my bare hands since I got here. I am so badass I know!

23 - the number of things to do here in the office, all somewhat on hold untill office supplies arrive soon! Yay!

22 - the number of minutes it takes for a "handover" at shift change. plus or minus a few.

21 - more or less the number of bibs we use in one day.

20 - the maximum number of minutes it takes to walk to the central park "spar" in town for groceries and the like

19 - hours I spend awake per day, on night shift weeks

18 - the ounces of water i drink per two hours when its really really hot here (aka most of the time)

17 - the approximate number of ants that are probably walking around on the floor of my kitchen this very minute.

16 - hours my staff partner Glory spends at work and commuting. dedication I say!

15 - the number of minutes it sometimes takes for an internet page to load if using the 2g network.

14 - approximately the number of minutes it takes to drive to the nearby ocean town!

13 - the number of clips it takes to hang one small load of wash on the sun drying rack out back!

12 - Shift length, in hours.

11 - number of kisses to and from Jabu during the bedtime process

10 - baths that we give per day, two per child

9 - amount of nappies I change a day, plus or minus

8 - the cups of coffee I drink in one week. Who knew that powdered coffee via Nestcafe is actually pretty good!?

7 - hours of sleep when on day shift

6 - times a day I find myself laughig with/at my roomate birte!

5 - the number of children staying at Ikhaya, 1 month old Carol, Two year old Jabu, 19 month old Keisha and her 7th month old sister Kiara, and 6 month old Mpilwenhle (Angel).

4 - palm trees in my yard!

3 - number of awesome neighbors, Lizle, Garrett and their lovely mom, that I recently acquired, that are constantly offering me rides, a hairdryer, tips, internet, and coffee in their airconditioned backroom!

2 - hours untill Carol will most likely need another bottle

1 - times a day that I pinch myself and/or act like a tourist and take pictures of 'my' town


Monday, February 2, 2009

South African Time

After a whirlwind of a week, I finally have internet at my new flat (long story) and can calm the many people who are worried sick. Which, by the way, just totally blows me away, that people are emailing and freaking out because I haven't blogged in so long. I'm fine. The first week at Ikhaya was hard and amazing, at the same time. The children are some of the most amazing kids I have ever worked with. All have distinct personalities, well except the 4 week old of course, and they are bright shining lights in my life. I have had the last two days off and I miss them terribly. Anyhoo, it was very hard to be organized here, at least during my first week, because the outlets are different, the time change, the internet issue, etc etc. But now that I'm settled into my new flat (as they say), I have all things squared away and can now update you with pictures and stories. But mainly, I want to reassure people, that the instant I got to this country I just knew that this was what I was supposed to be doing.

Blogs to Come = My day of "teaching" and the inspiring faces of Sapphire Elementary Grade 7 in Port Elizabeth and some adventures with Lions.