Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things about my African Life in Empangeni

25 - people standing on the side of the road every half mile or so waiting for their ride to work, a bus, or a "combi" which is equivalent to a VW Van packed full of 23 people. I kid you not. All dressed in work clothes, blue road worker uniform, or carrying a sack of potatos on their head.

24 - the number of bugs I have killed with my bare hands since I got here. I am so badass I know!

23 - the number of things to do here in the office, all somewhat on hold untill office supplies arrive soon! Yay!

22 - the number of minutes it takes for a "handover" at shift change. plus or minus a few.

21 - more or less the number of bibs we use in one day.

20 - the maximum number of minutes it takes to walk to the central park "spar" in town for groceries and the like

19 - hours I spend awake per day, on night shift weeks

18 - the ounces of water i drink per two hours when its really really hot here (aka most of the time)

17 - the approximate number of ants that are probably walking around on the floor of my kitchen this very minute.

16 - hours my staff partner Glory spends at work and commuting. dedication I say!

15 - the number of minutes it sometimes takes for an internet page to load if using the 2g network.

14 - approximately the number of minutes it takes to drive to the nearby ocean town!

13 - the number of clips it takes to hang one small load of wash on the sun drying rack out back!

12 - Shift length, in hours.

11 - number of kisses to and from Jabu during the bedtime process

10 - baths that we give per day, two per child

9 - amount of nappies I change a day, plus or minus

8 - the cups of coffee I drink in one week. Who knew that powdered coffee via Nestcafe is actually pretty good!?

7 - hours of sleep when on day shift

6 - times a day I find myself laughig with/at my roomate birte!

5 - the number of children staying at Ikhaya, 1 month old Carol, Two year old Jabu, 19 month old Keisha and her 7th month old sister Kiara, and 6 month old Mpilwenhle (Angel).

4 - palm trees in my yard!

3 - number of awesome neighbors, Lizle, Garrett and their lovely mom, that I recently acquired, that are constantly offering me rides, a hairdryer, tips, internet, and coffee in their airconditioned backroom!

2 - hours untill Carol will most likely need another bottle

1 - times a day that I pinch myself and/or act like a tourist and take pictures of 'my' town



Lauren said...

This was such a good list!!! I love it.

Megan said...

You have to take pictures of the unbelievable, I say.

Chris said...

Nice! What an awesome way to list the details of your daily life!