Monday, December 8, 2008

Plane Tickets

You know that feeling whe you have a date? or its christmas morning and you're six years old? or you just finished finals week in college? and all you want to do is smile real big and giggle and jump around and scream and pee your pants and cover your face with your hands because it's all just a little bit too much to HANDLE!? yeah THAT'S HOW I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE


I bought my tickets


HEY, hey, hey HEY! (think the pickle song in little rascals)

They are purchased. I fly from Seattle to New York, New York to Dakar, Senegal (unfortunately it's just for gas, I don't even get to get out of the plane and see all the cool airport people and signs in different languages), and then from Dakar to CAPETOWN. I arrive at 4:30 pm and then I'll probably just wait around for Sue to come in at 10 and then we'll do our darndest to get to bed so we can shake the sure to be RIDICULOUS jetlag. SOUTH AFRICA HERE I COME.

(giggle giggle dance dance)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It has begun!

As all the details are finally coming together for this trip, I am becoming more and more ansy to be on my way. Amongst the chaos of the holiday season (which is going to be twice as weighed with emotion because of my nearing departure), I have been able to navigate the complicated google sponsored world of blogging and set up a 'just for South Africa' blog. I didn't want there to be any overlap or confusion with my other (more personal and long lasting blog), so I set up this new one just for you! Well, really it's just for me, but I figure this way I can pass this website along to family, friends, and contributors and won't have to bore them with any silly youtube video or rant about politics. That being said, I am so excited to start this trip and I will be posting quite regularly while I am abroad. Check back soon for details about flight information, mosquito netting purchases, awful passport photos/fiascos, and sleeping on airport floors.