Monday, January 19, 2009

We are totally crazy - Table Mountain Hike Extravaganza

So, Table Mountain is this huge flat top mountain above capetown and its crazy high, like crazy 'only stare at it in awe' jagged high. So on our excursion to the Botanical Gardens at its base (which were gorgeous and super britishly formal and proper), what did we decided to do? Yeah, to CLIMB it. As super inexperienced hikers, we thought naively that "oh for sure we can do this" and in the end, we probably shouldn't have. Thankfully I was with a doctor who reminded me to take a break every 5 minutes because of how insanely fast we were gaining altitude. We even had to climb straight up in the air (probably 100 degree angle) on these ladders on top of cascading rocks. My mother would faint if she knew that we did it. Regardless, we had a freaking blast being totally determined and haphazard alone in the African forest on this huge STEEP as heck "trail". Yeah, after a while it was only a rock hill in front of us, no human activity or sound in sight. The pictures show our adventure in chronological order and bet your bottom dollar that we were saying many-a-hail-marys on the way down as our jelly-shakin (literally shaking) legs got almost lost. Enjoy!

Us, at the bottom.... see that little dip in the top, that little V, thats where we hiked, to the freaking TOP

The trees = Other-wordly. Me = super sweaty.

beautiful tress, everywhere, canopy of africa

Sue, who was extremely patient with me while I took picture and laughed and she freaked out on the ladders.

Ummmm, that's the top, yeah, no big deal!

Yeah, I was obsessed with picture taking, and this view down was suprisingly not dizzying

More of the infamous ladders, a completely insane shot which shows just how steep it was, which I had to include because I'm obsessed with our awesomeness

We then proceeded to get back down to the base, to a restuarant for some much needed frittes, and then eventually to the really nice hotel down the waterfront from us that had peanut butter brownies. With peanut butter icecream on top. It was incredibly off the hook, ya'll. That and some sauvignon blanc. We are off to Port Elizabeth tomorrow around lunch time and one thing I won't miss is the "we don't want to go outside for fear of death" winds. They are what kept me from going on the Robben Island tour, Darnit. More Updates from PE soon!

Have I mentioned how at peace I feel here? It's cliche, but its true, it's like coming home. Magnificent.



Lauren said...

WOW i am totally totally jealous!!! That looks amazing and breath taking and all of the cliche words i could come up with to talk about kick ass mountains. And also - thank god you didnt die.

Maris said...

when i see pictures of those trees, i want to sing AAAAAHzibenyaaaa Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba, Sithi uhm ingonyama and get all Lion King with it (yes i looked up the beginning part from the Circle of Life- dont judge).

I'm glad you didnt fall off of those ladders, and that hike looks amazing. Miss you :)


Lauren said...

NERD. I AM JUDGING. JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE! hahahahahahahhaahhhahaha

Chris said...

Wow, what an incredible looking hike! Those ladders look crazy steep... I almost think climbing down them would be worse than climbing up.

And yes, I totally thought Circle of Life too when I saw the tree canopy.

Megan said...

I'm so proud of you. Anne and I were talking last night and we so can't believe you're there.

Those ladders are scary! I can't believe you went up and down those. I sure wouldn't have. Kudos.

Luxury Traveler said...

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